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Our Mission:


difficult choices, made easier.


About Us

We are CRIB: the Cremated Remains Information Bureau. A project of the Natural Death Centre Charity (NDC). A trusted, independent, not for profit source of funeral related information since 1991.


Our Story

We created this website as we know many families struggle to find a suitable, final resting place for cremated remains.  There are about half a million sets of ashes left uncollected at funeral directors largely due to family indecision.



years of impartial advice and free information

We’ve been there for countless families and individuals at a time when they are most vulnerable: helping them to understand the choices available to them after a bereavement.



natural burial sites in the UK

Most of whom will accept cremated remains for burial or scattering.



pounds you could be charged

Be aware, some funeral directors now charge for storing ashes.


Our Aims

To empower the public in making informed choices, helping you to find the right  option and a fitting final resting place for your friend or relative. Our aims are:

  1. To provide clear, honest and independent advice and information.

  2. To provide a free telephone and email helpline via the NDC.

  3. To provide a simple but comprehensive resource.

  4. To inspire with positive and creative ideas.  


Our Team

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