Cremated Remains Information Bureau

Stuck with Ashes

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Are you stuck with ashes?

  • Is it because families cannot agree with what to do with them?

  • Is it yet another expense that can’t be faced?

  • Perhaps no one cares about what happens to the ashes?

  • Are families procrastinating over a final goodbye?

  • Have the ashes been forgotten?

  • Are people too embarrassed to go and collect ashes, over time?

Stuck with Ashes was the campaign we used at the National Funeral Exhibition 2019 to launch the Cremated Remains Information Bureau.  It is hoped that the website provides clear and simple information to families and inspires them with responsible and positive options as well as creative ideas.

The reason for ashes remaining at the funeral directors is not the issue here. The issue is…. what can be done about it? 

If you know someone who is struggling to find a final resting place for some ashes, there are several things you can do:

Funeral Directors

If you are a funeral director experiencing this problem, here are a few suggestions of how to help solve it:

  • Download, print and put our CRIB A6 postcard into your family information packs

  • Signpost families to the CRIB website:

  • Encourage families to phone the helpline 01962 712690

  • Review your terms and conditions and include an ashes policy. State a reasonable cut off period up to which you will keep unclaimed ashes before disposing of them

  • Give clear advice about what will happen to them if not collected within that period

  • Regularly maintain contact with families who still have ashes to collect and keep accurate records of actions taken to locate families

  • Consider purchasing a plot within an ANBG Natural Burial Ground where several sets of ashes can be interred and correctly recorded, providing a final resting place where families can visit should the need arise.

The absolute best way to stop ashes remaining on funeral directors shelves, in wardrobes, in sheds and on mantle pieces, is to let your family and friends know what you would like to do with your ashes if your preference, when you die, is to be cremated.